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Soundtrack to The Doctor
Soundtrack to The Doctor cover
Studio album by Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre
Released 2006
Genre Cabaret, Gothic rock, neo-ragtime
Label Caciocavallo
Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre chronology
Soundtrack to Jack
Soundtrack to The Doctor
So Long, Lale Andersen

Soundtrack to The Doctor is an album by Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre, released in 2006. Contributors include Douglas Pearce of Death In June and Radioactive Prostitute.

Track listing Edit

  1. A Time and Place will Exist...
  2. The Constables
  3. Miss Marilla Huxley
  4. They Sat Quietly...
  5. At the Stormy Beach
  6. Enter the Griffin
  7. Hello Again, My Dearest...
  8. Indian Machinery
  9. Here the Doctor Stood for Hours...
  10. You’re Coming with us!
  11. Opening Waltz
  12. Flowers in the Stomach, Charcoal on the Back
  13. He Thought of the Creeping Things...
  14. Drawn & Quartered
  15. The Doctor Looked Out...
  16. Suck a Lemon
  17. Sugar Bear & Dandy Lion
  18. The Doctor Lay in Silence...
  19. Les Pierrots
  20. The Carriage
  21. Dearest One...
  22. The Steppes to the North
  23. Farewell Theme
  24. The Procedure
  25. Ghoulish reflections
  26. Here? Here? Here?
  27. In the Punjab
  28. Bloody Mouths
  29. Noticing the Outside Areas...
  30. About Towne
  31. Calling Master Barbary
  32. Under the Pomegranate Tree
  33. The Twists & Turns (vinyl only)

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