Artist: The Dresden Dolls

Date Released: Sept. 26, 2003

Label: 8 Ft./Roadrunner

Produced By: Martin Bisi


  1. "Good Day"
  2. "Girl Anachronism"
  3. "Missed Me"
  4. "Half Jack"
  5. "672"
  6. "Coin-Operated Boy"
  7. "Gravity"
  8. "Bad Habit"
  9. "The Perfect Fit"
  10. "The Jeep Song"
  11. "Slide"
  12. "Truce"

They do a pretty great live show, too. When I saw them, they covered "War Pigs", and then the encore was "Such Great Heights" by the Postal Service (which was sort of funny, because it really confused the audience, expecting, you know, one of their own songs). It's a two person band, piano and drums; a lot of really great lyrics (I'm fond of "You'd rather be a bitch than be an ordinary broken heart" from "Good Day", or, say, most of "Girl Anachronism" or "Gravity"). And they modified the back of the Kurzweil piano to read "Kurtweill", which appeals to the dadaist inside me. Live, they're great -- Brian Vigilone really beats the hell out of his drum kit. Just thinking about this made me want to throw the record in. (So, you know, I did.) - Rev. Syung Myung Me