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The Dune Wolfie EP
EP by Lil' Rhain
Released December, 2011
Recorded October-December, 2011
Genre Rap, hip hop
Label Paralyzer Records
Producer Lil' Rhain

The Dune Wolfie EP is the upcoming first studio EP album by Australian rapper Lil' Rhain, releasing in December 2011, by Paralyzer Records. Production for the album will take place during October 2011 at Lil Rhain's recording studio and was handled by Lil' Rhain.

The album officially began creation in 2011 when the songs Superman and Jingle Bells were written. Fight for the Charts was later written, followed by Knife, Toot Toot and Worth it All. The finals songs written were Dune Wolfie, Blah Blah and the other two currently untitled tracks.

All tracks were written by Lil' Rhain, with the track Blah Blah also written by Hayley, and the final track also written by CJ Jazz.


No. Title Writer Length
1 Dune Wolfie Rhain Radford-Burns TBA
2 Toot Toot Radford-Burns TBA
3 Knife Radford-Burns TBA
4 Superman Radford-Burns TBA
5 Jingle Bells Radford-Burns TBA
6 Worth it All Radford-Burns TBA
7 Rest in Peace Radford-Burns TBA
8 Blah Blah (feat. Hayley) Radford-Burns, Hayley Maclachlan TBA
9 Fight for the Charts Radford-Burns TBA
10 TBA (with CJ Jazz) Radford-Burns, Cooper Taylor TBA

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