The Entertainer is a piano rag musical arrangement composed by Scott Joplin during the early years of the 20th century. Like all ragtime compositions, the speed should never be played too fast or too slow and features syncopated rhythm. The Entertainer eventually became one of Joplin's bestsellers along with Maple Leaf Rag.


There are many different kinds of variations for this ragtime composition. For the most part, the notes are generally in C major with some occasional sharps and flats. The rhythm is in 2/4 time throughout the piece. The tempo should remain slightly faster than Moderato but should never exceed Allegro. Depending on the type of sheet music available, the difficulty can be either easy, intermediate or advanced. The difficulty varies on the amount of octaves and chords printed on the sheet music. In traditional versions, octave chords in eighth notes are prevalent throughout the entire piece.

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