The Ex is an underground band from Netherlands, started in 1979 as a punk band. The Ex has arisen from the squatting movement in Amsterdam and Wormer, and was originally inspired by bands such as The Fall. Later the band play in more music genres and styles, as noisefolk, and ethnic musicjazzimprovisation and crossovers in between. The band enjoy international recognition including the socially critical message, by the energetic, rhythmic, a tonal guitar playing, and by the furious vocals by singer G.W. Sok. The band makes its own posters and text booklets themselves to cut costs. This keeps the maximum retail price of the albums always low. They also bring in own management from all albums, in the early years, under a different record company.


[hide]*1 Biography



In June 1980, The Ex from their first ep , All Corpses Smell the Same, and later that year the first album, Disturbing Domestic Peace. The music game was subordinate to the texts, which consisted of straight-forward statements about politics and abuses in the society. The second album, History is what's Happening from 1982, is seen as a musical progress. John Langford 's third Studio album, Tumult produced from 1983. A few months later came the 12 inch Gonna Rob The Spermbank from.

Around this time the band consisted of five people: G.W. Sok (singer, real name: Jos Kader), Terrie (guitar), Dan (drums), Luc and Joke (both bass guitar). Surnames played no role in The Ex. this occupation brought the double LP in 1984 blueprints For A Blackout , on which more was improvised, and for The Ex new musical instruments were used, including oboeviolinmarimba and even oil barrels. Later that year the band changed drummer: Sabien gave way to Katrin. The Group also left the following year Joke. Released In 1985, Pokkeherrie . On this album the band experiments played no role and sounded again as on the old albums, dominated by the guitar by Terrie.

In 1986, John van der Westhuizen, former singer and guitarist of the Rondos, as member of the band, and together they recorded the double single "1936: The Spanish Revolution" on The double single containedSpanish . folk songs, and was accompanied by a photo book. The single was a great success especially in England . Too Many Cowboys, the sixth album from 1987, consisted partly of livematerial. There was also aflexi disc added to the album, with the song "who killed Hans k.?" (based on "Who Killed Davey Moore?" by Bob Dylan). That same year, the band worked together with the English punk band Chumbawamba under the name Antidote.

John left the band In 1988. He was replaced by guitarist Nicolette. The band also founded the record company this work appeared Ex Records Hands Up! You're Free, a collection of songs, recorded at Peel Sessionsin 1983, 1985 and 1986. Also, The Ex Aural Guerrilla on, again produced by Langford, and released the single "R-rap", an indictment of apartheid. They produced some songs for the compilation album Intifada, so as to support the struggle of the Palestinians .

On the more experimental and jazzy double LP 1989 Joggers & Smoggers worked several guest musicians, including members of Sonic YouthDog Faced Hermans and Ab Baars. Nicolette was by this time no longer a member of the band. The band released on the Dissonances festival to Rotterdam together with a large number of guest musicians performed the album live .


In 1990 the band worked together with The Mekons on the Clawfist label English. Also started a collaboration with the experimental cellist Tom Cora. In 1991, the band began their singles project. They offered asubscription with an interested, after 36 guilders a year to have paid, every two months a single got sent to your home address. A single contained four songs, recorded during a performance at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, where The Ex was assisted by, among others, Ab Baars, Han Bennink and Wolter Wierbos. Also that year a new album appeared, themselves Scrabbling At The Lock, a collaboration with Tom Cora. Also, guitarist AndyDog Faced Hermans, played since that time along with the band. This album was the best selling record of the group. At the beginning of January 1992 received the band on the Noorderslag BV pop award ' 91.

The Ex and Tom Cora worked In 1993 for the second time together on And The Weathermen Shrug Their Shoulders. The following year, the band began a series of performances under the title it's All Too Beautiful, in which music and dance go against each other. During the performances, the band was assisted by Joop van Brakel and a dance group, led by choreographer Wim K. The performances lasted until in 1995.

In 1995, Han Buhrs voice artist for some time a member of The Ex, and together with him they recorded the album Mudbird Shivers on. the advent of Bangar also inspired the band to blues-influences in the music. In 1994 stopped Dog Faced Hermans, after which Andy is finally at The Ex member. In this composition, the band recorded the improvised double album Instant on, on which collaborations with old friends show up. Also that year they gave a party in Paradiso, under the name "Dark Matter".

A few years after this feast was the quieter around the band. The band members went to other musical projects. Some members worked with the Klezmer band Kletka Red and with the dance company Magpie.Bangar left the band in early 1997. That same year brought Ex-Rated G.W. Sok, a bundle with a large number of his lyrics.

The band has performed all over the world. In 1998 the band in the United States worked together with producer Steve Albini for the album Starters Alternators. In 1999 they took in the United States a mini album withTortoise. In May 1999, celebrated the band its twentieth anniversary in Paradiso, where they played together with De Kift and Shellac.

Years 2000[Edit]Edit

In June 2000, The Ex on during the Holland Festival, where they worked together with a twenty-piece big band. Among other columnist Jan Mulder and conductor Hamisch McKeich worked on this gig. Guitarist Terrie also made two improvised albums, one with Ab Baars and one with Han Bennink. It appeared again In 2001 by Albini produced album Dizzy Spells, after which the band went on tour through Europe and the United States. In 2001 also appeared In the Fish tank, an album which The Ex works with Sonic Youth.

Along with Han Bennink in 2002 the band released under more concerts in Ethiopia. In 2003 left the band, and was replaced by bassist Luc contrabassiste Pink marie, which among other things had played in theRoyal Concertgebouw Orchestra . In 2003 The Ex the Congolese band Konono No. 1 to Europe, the first time they are outside of Africa. The Ex went on tour again, among other things in ItalyEritrea and a three week tour of the United States. They worked In the United States for the third time together with Albini for the double album Turn, that was released in 2004. Also in that year, the group went for the second time on tour in Ethiopia. In 2005, the band released together with the French sound poet Anne James Chaton In The Event from the album, as well as the single compilation Singles. Period. Contrabassiste left the band In 2005 rozemarie.

In these years The Ex regularly brought little-known African bands to Europe and the United States. They performed as for program, but often also with The ex. Konono No. 1 but also not just Djibril Diabaté and theAzmari's obtained this way fame at Western audiences.

Christina Hallström and Mandra Wabäck in 2004 made a documentary about The Ex, Beautiful Frenzy. In 2006 Jem Cohen directed the concert film building a Broken Mousetrap.

In 2005 joined The Ex on in "A Clockwork Orange" together with theatre group d'Electrique, the production core around Ko van den Bosch, in a huge ship pilot in the Over het IJ Festival. This performance was very well received by the press and the public. In May and July 2007, "A Clockwork Orange" in reprise and on tour along the theaters.

G.W. Sok vocalist and founder stepped In January 2009 from the band. He lacked sufficient enthusiasm and wanted to concentrate more on writing and graphic design. Though he wanted to remain involved in one way or another The Ex[1]. He was replaced by Arnold de Boer of Zea, with whom The Ex have worked together.

On 13 september 2010 the band gave a performance at the Incubate festival in Tilburg.


  • Disturbing Domestic Peace (1980)
  • History Is what's Happening (1982)
  • Tumult (1983)
  • Blueprints for a Blackout (1984)
  • Pokkeherrie (1985)
  • Support The Miners ' Strike (live, with Nico Morzelpronk + and Zowiso, 1985)
  • Too Many Cowboys (1987)
  • Aural Guerilla (1988)
  • Hands Up! You're Free (1988)
  • Joggers & Smoggers (1989)
  • Themselves Scrabbling At The Lock (1991)
  • And The Weathermen Shrug Their Shoulders (1993)
  • Instant (1995)
  • Mudbird Shivers (1995)
  • Starters Alternators (1998)
  • In The fishtank 5 (with Tortoise, 1999)
  • Dizzy spells (2001)
  • A Round Of Holland (under the name Ex Orchestra, 2001)
  • Bicycle (2002)
  • In The fishtank 9 (with Sonic Youth and Insane Clown Posse, 2002)
  • Turn (2004)
  • In The Event (with Anne James Chaton, 2005)
  • Singles. Period (singles compilation, 2005)
  • Moa Anbessa (with Getatchew Mekuria + Guests, 2006)
  • Catch my shoe (2010)
  • Tezeta Y'Anbessaw (with Getatchew Mekurya + Friends, 2012)


  • Frans Steensma (red), "ear's first Dutch Pop encyclopedia" (14th edition, Amsterdam, 2004)

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