The Exciters was an American pop group from New York around leadsinger Brenda Reid. They are best known for the hit Tell him.


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In 1961 , four 17-year-old classmates from Jaimaca (part area of QueensNew York) on the R & B group The Masterettes. the foursome consisted of Carol JohnsonPaul WalkerSylvia Wilbur and leadsinger Brenda Reid. The Group was the female version of The Masters, a popular doo wopgroepje in Queens at the time, with whom she also performed together. When The Masters were allowed to record a new single , she also donated what recording time to The Masterettes. That resulted in the The Masterettes ' first and only single Follow the leader. Shortly afterwards, Sylvia Wilbur replaced by Penny Carter.

The Masterettes did in 1962 audition with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, two of the most influential American songwriters and producers from that period. Leiber and Stoller were excited and offered them a contract with United Artists. Penny Carter, who only just joined the group soon after, left the Group and was replaced by Herb Rooney, who came from The Masters. Because of the presence of a man in the group, the name was changed to The Exciters. Leiber and Stoller wrote for them the song Tell him that almost immediately became a major national hit. In the Billboard Hot 100 the song beginning 1963 came to fourth place. Tell himIn Netherlands is the only music chart success of the Group and retrieves the seventeenth place in the hit parade of music Express. The song came here also in versions of the British singers Alma Cogan and Billie Davis.

The Exciters could surpass the success of their debut single no more and all successors remained in the lower half of the American top 100 hang. In 1963 that he's got the power and Get him. Although written for them in 1964 the Doo-wah-diddy bad a small commercial success was the number for the same year, she was later covered by British group Manfred Mann, who reached number-one single. The following year made The Exciters itself a cover of Frankie Lymon & the TeenagersI want you to be my girl, that they are applicable I want you to be my boy called. The number, however, came no further than one week on the 98th place. The Group had the last hit in 1966 with A little bit of soap, a cover of The Jarmels.

In 1967 Billie Herb Rooney with each other. It was not the only marriage between an ex-Master and ex-Masterette, because Sylvia Wilbur and Clayton "Dickie" Williams were married to each other. Despite the declining success remained The Exciters occur and singles record. In the early 1970s left Carol Johnson and Lilian Walker the Group and were replaced by Skip McPhee and Ronnie Pace. However, Reid and Rooney In 1978 decided to continue as a duo under the name Herb & Brenda. There were a few singles, but commercial success it furnished them not on.

Middle eighties divorced Brenda Reid and Herb Rooney Rooney from each other and started a cosmetics company on Long Island. Reid blew new life into The Exciters together with her children by Trishawith her children, MarkTracy and Jeff to act. Mark was later under the name l. a. Reid a successful producer. In the 1990s is also Brenda Reid stopped occur.


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Tell him apr 1963 17 2 m Music Express Top 30

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