The Feeling's Not Right Again is a collection of previously recorded songs by Ray Stevens, released in 1979. All of the selections were chosen from his studio albums that were recorded for Warner Bros. Records. Stevens had a total of five singles released by Warner Bros., but only three are featured on this collection; the rest of the selections are album tracks. The first track, "I Need Your Help Barry Manilow," is a novelty single that made its first album appearance on this collection.

Track listing[edit]Edit

Side One
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "I Need Your Help Barry Manilow"   Dale Gonyea 3:44
2. "Get Crazy With Me"   Ray Stevens 4:11
3. "Gimme a Smile"   Toni Wine 2:47
4. "Daydream Romance"   Ray Stevens 3:35
5. "L'Amour"   Ray StevensGilbert Becaud 3:37
Side Two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Feeling's Not Right Again"   Ray StevensChuck Martin[disambiguation needed] 3:31
2. "Feel the Music"   Ray Stevens 4:02
3. "Comeback"   Ray Stevens 4:00
4. "OM"   Ray Stevens 4:38
5. "Be Your Own Best Friend"   Ray Stevens 2:52

Album credits[edit]Edit

  • Arranged and Produced by: Ray Stevens
  • Recorded at Ray Stevens' Studio, Nashville


Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1979 "I Need Your Help Barry Manilow" Billboard Adult Contemporary 11
1979 "I Need Your Help Barry Manilow" Billboard Hot 100 49
1979 "I Need Your Help Barry Manilow Canadian RPM Top Singles 63
1979 "I Need Your Help Barry Manilow" Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks 85

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