Artist: Wild Man Fischer

Date Released: 1999

Label: Rhino Handmade

Produced By: Richard Foos, Harold Bronson, Barnes & Barnes


Disc 1:

  1. A Word From Larry
  2. Go To Rhino Records
  3. My Name Is Larry
  4. Jimmy Durante
  5. I Light The Pilot
  6. Josephine
  7. Do The Wildman
  8. I'm A Truck
  9. Sir Larry
  10. Who's Your Favorite Singer?
  11. Go To Rhino Records
  12. Handy Man
  13. Disco In Frisco
  14. Do The Wildman
  15. I'm Selling Peanuts For The Dodgers
  16. I'm The Meany
  17. Wild Man Fischer Impersonation Contest
  18. Guitar Licks
  19. What Do You Think Of Larry?
  20. Young At Heart
  21. My Name Is Larry
  22. Pronounced Normal
  23. Don't Be A Singer
  24. It's Nice To Have Things
  25. I Swear To God My Love Was True
  26. Talking
  27. Watch Out For The Sharks
  28. When You're Younger
  29. Yesterday
  30. Fish Heads
  31. Mistakes
  32. Frank
  33. It's A Money World
  34. The Mope
  35. The Righteous
  36. Oh Linda, No Laurie
  37. The Bouillabaisse
  38. One Minute
  39. In My Room
  40. I'm A Christmas Tree
  41. Let Us Live As One
  42. Pronounced Normal
  43. My Sweet Little Cathy
  44. I Got A Camera
  45. Do The Salvo
  46. Another Word From Larry

Disc 2:

  1. Yet Another Word From Larry
  2. I'm A Christmas Tree
  3. God, Send Me Leonard And Sandra
  4. Hello Eileen, It's Larry
  5. Teen Age Idol
  6. People
  7. Intro
  8. Derailroaded
  9. Larry And The New Wave
  10. Sparkling Diamonds
  11. Music Business Shark
  12. Don't Ever Get Mad At Me
  13. My Friend Robert
  14. The Omar Walk
  15. I Looked Around You
  16. Oh God, Please Send Me A Kid
  17. Back In Time
  18. Star
  19. I Got A Camera
  20. Scotty's Got A Cake
  21. Walking Through The Underground
  22. Merry Go Round
  23. You're A Liar And A Thief
  24. All I Think About Is You
  25. Outside The Hospital
  26. Big Boots
  27. Ping Pong Ball Head
  28. Real Cool Cowboy
  29. One Of A Kind Mind
  30. The Record Player Song
  31. When You Record Singers
  32. Wild Man Fischer Records
  33. Gimme A Ride Down The Hill
  34. Bad Leg
  35. I Worry About My Friends
  36. The Rain Song
  37. The Pep
  38. Love Love Love In Everything You Do
  39. Larry In Las Vegas
  40. Outro
  41. Scotty's Got A Cake
  42. I'm Sorry, Frank Zappa
  43. My Mother Was Right
  44. Don't Ever Get Mad At Me
  45. Last Man In The City
  46. I Wish I Was A Comic Book
  47. Norman
  48. I Gotta Quit The Business, Bye Art, Bye Harold
  49. It's A Hard Business
  50. Flaming Carrot Theme Song
  51. Great Big Man
  52. A Final Word From Larry

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