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The Floodlight Collective
The Floodlight Collective
Studio album by Lotus Plaza
Released March 23, 2009
Recorded 2007
Genre Indie rock, ambient, dream pop
Length 44:52
Label Kranky
Producer Lotus Plaza
Lotus Plaza chronology
The Floodlight Collective (2009) Spooky Action at a Distance

The Floodlight Collective is the debut album of Lotus Plaza, the side project of Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt, released on March 23, 2009 by Kranky Records. The album was recorded in 2007 by Pundt in his bedroom, and was announced in 2008.

Track listing Edit

  • Red Oak Way — 4:12
  • Quicksand — 5:09
  • These Years — 2:54
  • Different Mirrors — 4:07
  • Whiteout — 4:13
  • What Grows? — 2:55
  • Sunday Night — 4:55
  • Antoine — 7:22
  • The Floodlight Collective — 4:36
  • A Threaded Needle — 4:29

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