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The Garage Band Wiki (also known simply as Garage Bands) is an online music community in Wiki format. The purpose of the Wiki is to provide a place for struggling musicians and poets to write about themselves, their music, their instruments and their poetry.

Format Edit

The website's default skin is Monobook, providing a Wikipedia or Wikia like atmosphere. If someone who is not a musical artist signs up, he or she may do such things as customize their userspace, create new templates and articles, and design a custom signature. If an artist signs up for the Wiki, he or she may create a page containing information about themselves. Like regular users, artists may also customize their userspace, design templates, write articles and the like.

The artists are split into several categories, including Rock, Blues, Jazz and Classical.

The Graffiti Wall Edit

There is another feature called the Graffiti Wall, where users can post messages and pictures.

Useful Links Edit

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