The Go-Go's is an American pop group from Los Angeles. The Group was active from 1978 to 1985 and in 1990 came back together. The Go-Go's Act still on, albeit irregularly. In Europe, the group not many feet to the ground, but in America they were extremely popular. It was the first American Group ever made entirely of women existed who wrote their own songs and played. Their music can be described as a mix of surfpop,new wavepunk and rock.

In 1981 brought The Go-Go's from the album Beauty And The Beat . According to music connoisseurs is this album the first significant cross-over between punk rock and new wave and have The Go-Go's this paved the way for other bands. At the same time the group came on with another American ladies group, The Bangles. Where The Bangles to Europe top-10 hits to score knew, is that The Go-Go's never succeeded. Their mega success was confined to the American continent. The Group has in the United States five Top 40 hits to his name.


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Early Years[Edit]Edit

The Go-Go's was founded in Los Angeles in 1978. The group consisted of Belinda Carlisle (vocals), Jane Wiedlin is (vocals, guitar), Margot Oliviera (bass), and Elissa Bello (drums). The Go-Go's initially started as pure punk band; they shared a rehearsal space with another great American punk group, X. Belinda Carlisle first played drums for The Germs. That group she left due to illness, caused by her excessive drug use.When she again was recovered she began to sing at The Go-Go 's. In 1978 came Charlotte Caffey strengthen the Group on guitar. Elissa Bello was replaced and was the new drummer Gina Schock. In 1979 were The Go-Go's Madness by the British skagroep asked to to act in their program. The tour began in their home to Los Angeles, but went after America by to end up in Great Britain. With the song We Got The Beat The Go-Go's had a modest hit in England, but the top 40 chart took out the number.

Beauty And The Beat[Edit]Edit

In december 1980 the band got in trouble when Margot Oliviera became seriously ill. The Group threatened to fall apart, but Kathy Valentine, a friend of Carlisle, was willing to bass for the group. Carlisle, whose abilities were drawn, was initially in doubt after four days of non-stop exercise the new bass player. In 1981, The Go-Go's a big record deal with IRS Records, and soon the album Beauty And The Beat came out, that in America sold millions of copies. In april 1981 the number climbed Our Lips Are Sealed to the top of the American charts, soon followed by We Got The Beat, a song that brought the Group had already released in 1979, but have had success in a new jacket.


The successor of the megaseller Beauty And The Beat was called Vacation. The song also became a hit in America, but soon after had to drummer Gina Schock on doctor's advice due to absolute peace and a hidden heart disease, that are suddenly revealed to her. The Group was thereby quite some time silent.

Talk Show[Edit]Edit

In 1984 came the album Talk Show from. The magic of The Go-Go 's, however, seemed to be worked out and the American public left the album links are. The singles Head over Heels and Turn To You the charts, but still moderate. Mutual irritations and start arguing about the creative direction of the band to emerge. Just before performances the band members went to blows with each other and in some cases even with the public. In addition, most band members, including Carlisle, weighed down by a big drug problem. Jane Wiedlin is first decided to leave the band in October 1984 and is then replaced by Paula Brown. However, this was short-lived. In May 1985 the band ceased to exist. Carlisle and Caffey indicated they no longer in it.


In 1990, the band together again after five years to have located. They did this because they wanted to achieve with a benefit concert that an important environment law in California would take effect. Thanks to this performance they get their sense, since the California Environmental Protection Act came into force. This law protects the nature parks and are animals that are in the State. Carlisle is also an active member of PETA(the American counterpart of the animal protection).

In 1994 a new album, The Return To The Valley Of The Go-Go's. From that album earned the song The Whole World Lost Its Head place 108 in the US chart. The song earned the group the only top 40 hit in England on.

Further course[Edit]Edit

In 1997, the ex-drummer Gina Schock complained, the remaining band members, because they found that paid her royalties were not sufficient. In addition, she had a personal conflict with Charlotte Caffey, because they would have written songs together would, but failed at the last minute the Caffey syndrome, whereby Schock income backfired. In 1999, the case was suitable for a Court in Los Angeles, and the links between the band members and Schock restored. Hair was even asked to get back to drumming on a new album that came out in 2001: God Bless The Go-Go's. Although the critics were full of praise, felt the American public is not addressed and the album flopped.

The band performs occasionally still on, but there will be no new material. In an interview in 2008, said Jane Wiedlin is: ' We live nowadays spread throughout the country, so that makes collaboration difficult. But never say never. '

In 2011, the Go-Go's a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The band members solo[Edit]Edit

Belinda Carlisle kickte entirely on the drugs and began a solo career in mid-1980s, in which she scored hits both in America as in Europe, such as Mad About YouCircle In The Sand and the number 1-hit Heaven Is A Place On Earth. In August 2001 she posed nude for Playboy and is now the American juror in a programme on 'Idols' appearing on VH1clip transmitter. In 2008 she went on tour with other typical years-80 bands such as Human League and ABC.

Jane Wiedlin is made solo albums in America fairly sold, worked with artists such as Terry Hall and the band Sparks and spoke in voices for cartoons. They also played a role in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home .

Charlotte Caffey started to write lyrics for Belinda Carlisle and sang and played thereafter in own bands: The Graces and Astrid's Mother.

Gina Schock began in 1988 her band House of Schock and then went on with the Group K-Five. She drums nowadays sporadically in other bands.

Kathy Valentine played bass in the groups of Blue Bonnets and The Delphines. In september 2005 she released her album Light Years out, that in America fairly sold.


  • 1981- Beauty And The Beat
  • 1982- Vacation
  • 1984- Talk Show
  • 1990- Greatest
  • 1994- The Return To The Valley Of The Go-Go's
  • 2001- God Bless The Go-Go's
  • 1981-"Our Lips Are Sealed"
  • 1982-"We Got The Beat"
  • 1982-"Vacation"
  • 1982-"Get Up And Go"
  • 1982-"he's So Strange"
  • 1984-"Head Over Heels"
  • 1984-"Turn To You"
  • 1984-"Yes Or No"
  • 1991-"Cool Jerk"
  • 1994-"The World Lost Its Head"
  • 2001-"Unforgiven"

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