Artist: The Golden Republic

Date Released: February 8, 2005

Label: Astralwerks

Produced By:


  1. The Turning of the World
  2. You Almost Had It
  3. She's So Cold
  4. I'll Do Anything
  5. Rows of People
  6. NYC
  7. Things We Do
  8. Robots
  9. Not My Kind
  10. Full of Yourself
  11. You'll Get Old


I really had no idea how prophetic my cd reviews actually are. Wait, wait, wait, I’m not as big headed as I sound, let me give you the evidence and you can decide for yourself. This is the first full-length from Kansas City’s indie-rock quartet, The Golden Republic; a few months back their EP, People, came into my possesion and I gave it a decisive listen. In the review I ranted about how it was an amazing EP and I quote, “It is very seldom that you come across a band’s debut EP that is better than half of the full lengths you listen to,” but also that I hoped that their full length would be able to live up to their potential. Well here is the full-length, and much to my dismay, it’s not close to as good. Now, it is not horrible or anything, but the sheer rock energy of those 4 songs is missing here. The only song to make the cut from the EP is #2, and guess what, it’s the best. Their sound is a combination of 60’s pop, glam rock, new wave with a touch of classic rock and grunge, but never really finds its place. Not a bad debut, but if you really want to hear the potential of the band, check out the People EP. Mpardaiolo

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