Artist: Brian Eno

Album: Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

Appears On (Mixes): The Opposite Of Smoke Is Egg Whites

Song Notes: "The Great Pretender" comes from the album Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy). Most people might know Brian Eno either through his production work (having produced well-regarded albums by Talking Heads, David Bowie and DEVO, among others) or his ambient music. This, however, comes from one of his rock albums. The lyrics on Eno's rock albums typically didn't have much meaning at all—Eno's said that he would do nonsense syllables for the vocal lines when recording demos, and then he'd convert them into real words based on the sound, rather than the meaning. The albums also didn't come with lyric sheets, and Eno claims to forget the lyrics to some of the songs. In fact, from his comments on the lyrics, it's often seems that he's not entirely sure what the songs are "about". In this song, he's said that either Monica, as referred to in the lyrics is robotic herself or is disturbed by a robot creature. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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