Artist: They Might Be Giants ("Outer Planet Mix" and "Even Further Outer Planet Mix" remixed by Coldcut)

Album: The Guitar EP (remix); Apollo 18 (album version)

Appears On (Mixes): The Opposite Of Smoke Is Egg Whites (Outer Planet Mix)

Song Notes: And with the first track, I break my own rules! This is technically a remix of the They Might Be Giants song "The Guitar" from Apollo 18, however Coldcut ended up building their own unconnected song and dropping in some samples from the original. (On the EP this comes from, the last track is the "Even Further Outer Planet Mix", which is the "Outer Planet Mix" with the They Might Be Giants samples removed.) Strangely, on the CD release, Coldcut were uncredited; they were only credited on the UK 12" release.) - Rev. Syung Myung Me