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Greatest Hits: Chapter One is a Backstreet Boys compilation album.


  • Year: 2001
  • Genre: Pop


Song Key Length Album
I Want It That Way A, B 3:33 Millennium
Everybody (Backstreet's Back) Bb minor 4:47 Backstreet's Back
As Long As You Love Me C 3:34 Backstreet's Back
Show Me The Meaining Of Being Lonely F# minor, G# minor 3:56 Millennium
Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) A 3:55 Backstreet Boys
All I Have To Give C#, D 4:38 Backstreet's Back
Larger Than Life C minor 4:04 Backstreet's Back
I'll Never Break Your Heart Bb, B 4:50 Backstreet Boys
The Call Bb minor, C minor 3:25 Black & Blue
Shape of My Heart D, E 3:52 Black & Blue
The One Bb 3:48 Millennium
More Than That E minor 3:43 Black & Blue
Drowning B, C# 4:27 Previously unreleased

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