The Holy Ghost Electric Show is a Mississippi folk rock and Americana group composed of Cody Rogers (vocals/guitar), Austin Wheeler (drums), Connor Wroten (bass), Will Shirley (lead guitar), Jesse James (trombone/keyboard), and Jake Rogers (guitar).

The band's music has been described as "just muddy enough to make things feel blended rather than cacophonous" [1] while live performances have been referred to as "an incredibly fast paced and energetic show that makes it impossible to stand still. Their shows set them apart." [2]



  • Fire On The Mountain (2012)
  1. "Troubadour"
  2. "Let The Waters Rise"
  3. "Preacher Man"
  4. "Surprise"
  5. "Mansions Of Gold"

Studio albumsEdit

  • The Great American Holy Ghost Electric Show (2014)
  1. "Highway Towns"
  2. "Glory Days"
  3. "Let The Waters Rise"
  4. "Spanish Influenza"
  5. "Tin Man"
  6. "Surprise"
  7. "Fireworks Over Fairview"
  8. "Another Land"
  9. "Phantom Engineer"
  10. "Kerosene Heater Blues"
  11. "Elizabeth"
  12. "Pisgah"


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