The Hoosiers (which were formerly known as The Hoosier Complex) are a band from the UK and Sweden. The band members are Irwin Sparkes (lead vocals and guitar), Martin Skarendahl (bass and guitar for acoustic performances) and Alphonso (Alan) Sharland (drums).

Band Formaition and First Album Edit

At some time the band spent some time in the United States. Founded In 2003, In July 2007, their first single "Worried About Ray" reached it's peak at 5 on the UK Singles Chart. The Band released their debut album, The Trick to Life, ion the 22nd of October 2007 reaching number 1 in the album charts for 1 week. There Second single "Goodbye Mr.A" which reached a higher peak of 4 and 23 in Ireland. Other Singles included "Worst Case Scenario" and "Cops And Robbers" which got to 76 and 24.

Trivia Edit

  • Martin was a ex-fireman.
  • There is a huge debate about there singles being simalar to old songs.

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