Artist: B. Fleischmann

Date Released: 2006

Label: Morr Music

Produced By: Christoph Amann/Christof Kurzmann/B. Fleischmann


  1. Broken Monitors
  2. Gain
  3. Composure
  4. First Times
  5. Phones and Machines
  6. Static Grate
  7. From To
  8. Aldebaran Waltz


I'm not completely sure on the numbers, but labels known for a specific niche in the current musical landscape seem to have greater success than labels that will release anything and everything. Consumers know that when they want that specific sound, their niche label is the only place to go. Germany's Morr Music found their individual sound a few years ago when they built a roster of musicians skilled in the art of emotional electronic music. B. Fleischmann, a stalwart of this scene, returns with his third full-length for Morr Music, The Humbucking Coil. The Austrian-born producer stays true to his emotive sound, but this time nearly drops all of his glitchy and noisy equipment. Instead, he uses almost all analog equipment (including a gorgeous clarinet solo) to devise a sound that is much more somber post-rock than anything electronica. Microscopic blips and distorted synth pads do add a welcomed layer to the sound however, which would be somewhat mundane without them. The core of Fleischmann's music is his uncanny ear for humble melodies, but without that added element of experimentation the music loses interest. With eight songs each clocking in around the five minute mark, he does a good job of mixing up the elements, but the listener's opinion of the album is mostly based on his or her attention span. B. Fleischmann brings the emotion once again, but unless you are looking for that specific type of music, it may be sung on deaf ears. Mpardaiolo

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