The Ivy League was a British close harmony group.


John Carter and Ken Lewis writing songs all together in high school in Birmingham. Early 60 's they point Carter-Lewis & the Southerners, in which, among other things, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) plays lead guitar .In 1964 they form together with Perry Ford the Ivy League. The Group provides backing vocals on "I can't explain" by The Who. The second Ivy League single "Funny how love can be" in the spring of 1965 is a hit (# 8 in UK), followed by "Tossing & Turning" (# 3 in UK). After that it's success quickly waning. Beginning 1966 decision John Carter to start laying back on song writing and leaves the group. He still writes the single "My world fell down" for The Ivy League, later covered by among other things The Sagittarius and the Dutch group Vicky and the Roundhouse, well known as the brother of The Buffoons. Carter's place in The Ivy league is occupied by Tony Burrows from The Kestrels. The trio still floundering a year, but then also likes Ken Lewis . He is replaced by Neil Landon. Along with Carter Lewis on the studio project addresses The Flowerpot Men. This produces in the summer of 1967 the hit "Let's go to San Francisco" on. Carter and Lewis, however, have no meaning more to like with The Ivy League to go on tour. There is a group of hastily assembled including Neil Landon and Tony Burrows from The Ivy League. This Stooges miming the worldwide hit that was written and sung by Carter and Lewis. Perry Ford goes a number of years by with other singers under the name The Ivy League, but the mid 1970s he throws in the towel. In 1999, Ford on 58-year-old age to death. Lewis suffers diabetes for many years and are staying in a nursing home in Staffordshire in England.Carter renteniert and lives in London.

To this day a trio under the name The Ivy League with the members Jon Brennan, Dave Buckley and Mike Brice. This group claims to be "their" hits from the 60 's to play but has no relationship with the original group and is referred to by the surviving former members Carter and Lewis also not recognized as the "real" Ivy League.

Original members[Edit]Edit

The original members of the Ivy League are:

Later members[Edit]Edit

Later members of the Ivy League are

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