The Jackson Sisters (not to be confused with Jackson sistersLa ToyaJanet, and Rebbie who were the siblings to American soul group the Jackson Five) were an American soul and discofamily group in the 1970s. The group hailed from ComptonCalifornia but were based in DetroitMichigan.

The Jackson Sisters were Jacqueline Jackson-Rencher, Lyn Jackson, Pat Jackson, Rae Jackson and Gennie Jackson. They recorded material for the Tiger Lily Records label, obtaining some modest success in the 1970s. However the group really came into their own nearly a decade later, following the emergence of the rare groove scene in the UK. Many of their songs werewritten by Johnny Bristol. I Believe In Miracles, their hit song, was written and originally recorded by Mark Cappani in 1973. The track reached #72 in the UK Singles Chart in June 1987.[1]


Jackson Sisters 1976 (Tiger Lily Records)

  1. "When Your Love Is Gone"
  2. "Maybe"
  3. "Why Do Fools Fall In Love"
  4. "Day In The Blue"
  5. "Rockin' On My Porch"
  6. "Boy, You're Dynamite"
  7. "Rock Steady"
  8. "Miracles"
  9. "(Why Can't We Be) More Than Just Friends"
  10. "Shake Her Loose"

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