The Joshua Tree is the fifth studio album by the Irish rock band U2, which appeared in 1987. The album is influenced by bluesfolkgospel and the fascination of the band members for AmericaBrian Eno and Daniel Lanois produced the plate.

The Joshua Tree was release a commercial success, it's probably the most praised album that U2 has made. In Rolling Stone's list of 500 greatest albums of all time was the album at number 26. Radio Veronica's Album was in the Top 1000 and 750 all time on 1. From the album are the numbers Where The Streets Have No NameWith or Without You and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For released as a single. In God's Country was also released as a single in the United States and One Tree Hill (U2) in New Zealand. More than 20 million copies of the album sold[1], that is the album at number 89 of best-selling albums of all time.

The album was named after the so-called "Joshua trees", cactus-like trees in the desert of southern California. The tracklist of the album is provided by Kirsty MacColl, a friend of the band. This suggested the list in order of her favorite songs.

In August 2011, Guus van Hove, the Director of a music venue 013to death by heat stroke , when he was in the Joshua Tree National Park were searching for the tree that is on the album cover of The Joshua Tree State. [2however, this tree stood on an entirely different location near Death Valley and no longer exists.


[hide]*1 tracklist


  1. Where the Streets Have No Name " – 5: 37
  2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For – 4: 37
  3. With or Without You – 4: 56
  4. Bullet the Blue Sky "– 4: 32
  5. Running to Stand Still "– 4: 18
  6. Red Hill Mining Town – 4: 52
  7. In God's Country – 2: 57
  8. Trip Through Your Wires "– 3: 32
  9. One Tree Hill – 5: 23
  10. Exit – 4: 13
  11. Mothers of the Disappeared – 5: 14

Bonus audio cd 2007[Edit]Edit

  1. Luminous Times (Hold on To Love)
  2. Walk To The Water
  3. Spanish Eyes
  4. Deep In The Heart
  5. Silver And Gold
  6. Sweetest Thing
  7. Race Against Time
  8. Where The Streets Have No Name (Single Edit)
  9. Silver And Gold (Sun City)
  10. Beautyful Gost/Introduction To Song Of Experience
  11. Wave Of Sorrow.(Birdland)
  12. Deset Or Our Love
  13. Rise Up
  14. Drunk Chicken America


  1. U2 Live From Paris
  2. Outside It's America – Documentary
  3. With Or Without You
  4. Red Hill Mining Town




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Graceland by Paul Simon

Number-one album in the Dutch Album Top 100

28 March 1987 - 26 June 1987 13 weeks


Whitney by Whitney Houston

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