Artist: The Residents

Label: Enigma

Produced By: The Residents


  1. Blue Suede Shoes
  2. the baby king part 1
  3. Don't Be Cruel
  4. Heartbreak Hotel
  5. All Shook Up
  6. Return To Sender
  7. the baby king part 2
  8. Teddy Bear
  9. Devil In Disguise
  10. Stuck On You
  11. Big Hunk O' Love
  12. A Fool Such As I
  13. the baby king part 3
  14. Little Sister
  15. His Latest Flame
  16. Burning Love
  17. Viva Las Vegas
  18. the baby king part 4
  19. Love Me Tender
  20. the baby king part 5
  21. Hound Dog


Urgh. This isn't the worst thing the Residents have done, but it's not very good. I think it's funny that one of my friends only has this and The Big Bubble -- it's like "no wonder you're not really into the Residents". This is all Elvis Presley covers, combined with a few tracks of story about the Baby King. Unfortunately, the sound is really flat and the arrangements are lazy; part of the reason this album is so poor is that the Residents had never recorded an album in a "real" recording studio before and figured they should give it a shot, just to see what it was like. Unfortunately, recording studios cost money, so they didn't have time to experiment or perfect the album, and it shows. There's some interesting ideas in there, and some of them are kind of cool, but for the most part, it's too long and not interesting enough....however... - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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