Artist: Ladytron

Album: Witching Hour

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: I found out that not only is Ladytron playing on Friday, the Dresden Dolls are playing the next day, which is pretty awesome! So, to celebrate, here is a track from the most recent Ladytron record, Witching Hour, which really was an OUTSTANDING record—their best one, and the other two aren't any particular slouches either. This one wasn't a single, but it actually probably could have been. Oh well, most of the cuts from that album could have been singles, but the two they chose, "Destroy Everything You Touch" and "Sugar" are both really outstanding singles anyway, so it worked out! It's not like a situation where they chose the completely wrong song. They just chose two of the rightest songs out of a sea of right choices. So, hooray for that! I dig me up some Ladytron.

Also—you may have noticed that I've changed the layout of the VOX Blog a bit. As promised/threatened, I have gone through and provided Amazon links to almost all of the albums that I've provided. (In a few cases, the stuff hasn't been available on CD, or at least not available at Amazon, so I did another album by the same artist, usually. I tagged those ones in the post, so you can see, and I promise I'll let folks know that too. The format's always gonna be the audio file on the left, and the album on the right, and whichever one has artwork will be bigger. Because I done like to have the little squares of art on here. (And if they've both got the same art, then the audio file'll be bigger.) But yes—pretty much anything I post here carries with it at least an implicit recommendation that you get the album. In the case of Underdog Victorious, it's an EXPLICIT recommendation. In both meanings of the word. But anyway, though, I hope you enjoy and check these things out.

And if by some WEIRD ASS QUIRK you actually want to throw money MY way instead of the artist's: a) You are DAFT—they are WAY more deserving than I am. and b) If you MUST, why not just get my DVD, since that way at least you get SOMETHING in return other than, um, wasting your money. But for reals, just go get the records. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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