Label: Gammon

Produced By: Mark Linkous, Dick Johnston, Jordan N. Trachtenburg

Tracklisting: Disc 1:

  1. Teenage Fanclub with Jad Fair - My Life Is Starting Over Again
  2. Clem Snide - Grievence
  3. Gordan Gano - Impossible Love
  4. eels - Living Life
  5. TV On The Radio - Walking The Cow
  6. The Rabbit - Good Morning You
  7. Calvin Johnston - Sorry Entertainer
  8. Bright Eyes - Devil Town
  9. Death Cab For Cutie - Dream Scream
  10. Beck - True Love Will Find You In the End
  11. Sparklehorse With The Flaming Lips - Go
  12. Mercury Rev - Blue Cloud
  13. Thistle - Love Not Dead
  14. Vic Chestnutt - Like A Monkey In The Zoo
  15. Starlight Mints - Dead Lovers Twisted Heart
  16. M. Ward - Story Of An Artist
  17. Guster - The Sun Shines Down On Me
  18. Tom Waits - King Kong

Disc 2:

  1. Daniel Johnston - My Life Is Starting Over Again
  2. Daniel Johnston - Grievence
  3. Daniel Johnston - Impossible Love
  4. Daniel Johnston - Living Life
  5. Daniel Johnston - Walking The Cow
  6. Daniel Johnston - Good Morning You
  7. Daniel Johnston - Sorry Entertainer
  8. Daniel Johnston - Devil Town
  9. Daniel Johnston - Dream Scream
  10. Daniel Johnston - True Love Will Find You In the End
  11. Daniel Johnston - Go
  12. Daniel Johnston - Blue Cloud
  13. Daniel Johnston - Love Not Dead
  14. Daniel Johnston - Like A Monkey In The Zoo
  15. Daniel Johnston - Dead Lovers Twisted Heart
  16. Daniel Johnston - Story Of An Artist
  17. Daniel Johnston - The Sun Shines Down On Me
  18. Daniel Johnston - King Kong
  19. Daniel Johnston - Rock This Town


Also—been listening to the Daniel Johnston tribute record/best of compilatoin The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered today, and MAN it is excellent. If you can't get past Daniel's singing, it's great because the other artists provide a really great venue to see what a EXCELLENT songwriter Daniel is. And, after listening to that and going to the disc that's got the originals, you really grow to appreciate Daniel's original versions quite a bit more, too. It's made me really go away from being a mere appreciator of his talent into much more of an actual Fan, which is pretty cool. Highly, highly recommended! - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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