Artist: The Lightning Seeds

Album: Sense

Appears On (Mixes): The Boys And Girls Are Lifting Up Their Plates

Song Notes: I've posted some Lightning Seeds stuff before, but I haven't for a while, so why not? This one is one of those Great Pop Songs that Ian Broudie does, so check it out. Riley's the name of his son, as well as a stray cat we're feeding (also the standard phrase "The Life Of Riley"), It's from the album Sense, which I think was the second one. This was actually a big hit in the UK; I'm not sure if it crossed over to the US charts (maybe a bit—they did have some successes over here, but I think it was with "Pure" mostly. But I could be wrong.), but it should have. One of the things I dig with this one is that the rhythm is a sort of traditionally UK rhythm that doesn't really make its way into US pop that much. Stuff like that's always interesting to me. -Rev. Syung Myung Me


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