Artist: Belle & Sebastian

Date Released: February 6, 2006

Label: Rough Trade

Produced By: Tony Hoffer


  1. Act Of The Apostle, Pt. 1
  2. Another Sunny Day
  3. White Collar Boy
  4. The Blues Are Still Blue
  5. Dress Up In You
  6. Sukie In The Graveyard
  7. We Are The Sleepyheads
  8. Song For Sunshine
  9. Funny Little Frog
  10. To Be Myself Completely
  11. Act Of The Apostle, Pt. 2
  12. For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea
  13. Mornington Crescent


It's interesting how in a few years, Belle and Sebastian made a complete 45 degree turn from quaint Scots indie-poppers to arty Scots power-poppers. Fortunately, they have maintained what made them such a fantastic pop band from the beginning. They just added a bit of T-Rex and Bowie into the mix, and pressed puree so that these influences seem almost original to Glasgow's golden kids. Fortunately, for those of us who are suffering from twee-pop withdrawl, there's a few hints of the old group we know and love ("To Be Myself Completely", both "Act Of The Apostle"s, and "Funny Little Frog" for starters). All in all, expect about 35 minutes of headboppy goodness, about 15 of dreaming of the summer, and about 50 of indie pop perfection. - Eyeball Kid

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