The London Exchange is an obscure mock rock group from Olive Branch, Mississippi. The band was formed in 2006 after friends Paul Gomez and Gage Wright made a film referencing the band several times. The band is reminiscent of Spinal Tap, taking a straight faced shot at some of rock music's biggest bands and genres.


The band has decided that in order to make for more comedic effect, they will change genres with every song. They don't have an official genre, but have called themselves "ExperimentalCore". The band has made songs that fall under genres such as grindcore, country/folk, techno, progressive, mariachi, and rap.

Band MembersEdit

Founders of the group, Paul and Gage, have made false personas for their parts in the band. The guitarist, bassist, vocalist and keyboardist of the group, portrayed by Paul Gomez is named Dennis Harrity. The co-guitarist, co-bassist, and co-vocalist of the group, portrayed by Gage Wright, is named "Lackluster" Jones. Also, according to their myspace, they had two members in the past, Arnie Dechezeray & PJ "Ortega" Lopez. The band claims that Arnie died in a terrible and horrific plane crash, and PJ died after he was stabbed by a man in a novelty Gopher suit. However, neither of these people have ever existed and neither of the events that "caused their demise" occured either. For live shows, The London Exchange borrows the talents of a friend named Gabe Randolph, who goes by the pseudonym Travis "Teh Eggman" Mundy, and plays drums.


The band is currently working on their debut album but has already released 7 songs to the general public. The CD is called Rocks in a Pawn Shop and the band expects completion on the record around mid-July. The songs that have already been released are:

Tammy's Road to Recovery

Secret in the Toolshed

Get Off My Turf, Ya Peckerwood

Gafilkta Fish

Henry is a Fag

I am Not a Woman

Poot Scootin' Shuffle

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