The Man I Love is a popular song from 1924 by George Gershwin, lyrics by his brother Ira, which has become a well known jazz standard .

Originally came the song under the title "The Girl I Love" written by Gershwin for in the musical Lady, Be Good from 1924, a satire on the Government. However, it was removed from the show, and suffered the same fate in the anti-war satire Strike Up the Band-musical from 1927. It was there that for the first time as "The Man I Love" was staged. After try-outs in 1928 was also banned from Ziegfelds Hollywood musical Rosalie . Nevertheless, it is also a popular song without become Broadwaysucces.

Known covers[Edit]Edit

A well known cover of the song is sung version from 1939, Billie Holidays together with her friend, saxophonist Lester Young. Also Coleman Hawkins' recording from 1943, likewise on tenor saxophone, is particularly appreciated by jazz lovers.


In the ranking of, determined by the number of jazz recordings by various musicians, is The Man I Love high listed on place 18. 

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