The Matadors are a psychobilly band based mainly in London, Ontario, Canada.[1]

History Edit

"Howlin Hooch" Parkins formed The Matadors in 1995.[2] They began as a rockabilly cover band of sorts playing mostly classic country and older 1950s rockabilly.

Parkins wrote and recorded four songs in 1998 one of which was "Let's Ride" which can be found on subsequent Matadors recordings. Following these recordings Parkins became unsatisfied with being a cover act and took over on lead vocals. The Matadors play a fusion of blues, swing and southern rock boogie they have described as "horrorbilly."[3] Parkins invented the term after reading a book called The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by authors Al Ries and Jack Trout which states that "if you cannot be first in your category, set up a new category".[4]

They are known for their live shows which have included giant stage-blood shooting puppets, foam launching machines and dancing girls.[5] The band claims to be part of the Luciferian Brotherhood of Baphomet who are one of their inspirations.[6][7] They also claim to have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for musical talent.[8] The Matadors' first Canadian tour was in 2005.[Citation needed] They were packaged with Canadian veteran psychobilly band The Dead Cats. [Citation needed]

In 2006, Parkins defended his band against accusations of misogyny in an interview in Western University's student newspaper The Gazette. Parkins explained "“We don’t call ourselves misogynists. We call ourselves ‘Snatch Marauders.’ We travel the country destroying vaginas."[9]

The band recorded their third full-length album, Horrorbilly 9000, in only ten days.[10][11]

During the recording of their fifth release, Sweet Revenge, the band had no permanent bassist.[12][13] Former singer of The Creepshow and Parkins then wife, Jen "Hellcat" Blackwood, does guest vocals on the eleventh track on the album, If You're Gonna Bitch.[14]

2014 will see the release of The Matadors 6th album, Say You Love Satan.

Discography Edit

  • Hellblazin' (2002)
  • The Devil's Music (2004)[15]
  • Live at Call the Office (2005)
  • Horrorbilly 9000 (2006)
  • Sweet Revenge (2008)
  • "Lucifarian Gospel Hymns Volume 1 (2013)
  • Say You Love Satan (2014)


Joel "Hooch" Parkins - vocals, guitar
Brett Hueston - bassist/vocals
Shiraz Ebrahim - drums

Former membersEdit

Jason Westman - Drums
Steve Crew - Drums
Archie Gamble -Drums
Rob Carvell - Drums
Iain Mckena - Drums
Steve Murphy - Drums
Shiraz Ebrahim - Drums
Steve Ormerod -Drums
Neil Devereaux- Drums
Eugene Burda - Organ
Chris Hart (in 1994 when they were a rockabilly revue band only, not when they made the leap to an original act) - Vocals
Jason Haladnyuk - Bass
Jeff Sheppard - Bass
Julienne Morissette - Bass
Danny Deville - bassist/vocals
Neil Devereaux- Bass


External links Edit

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