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In 1987, a band was formed. The group consisted of four brothers, three triplets. In 1987, the brothers were 3 years old and 4 years old. Their mother, Darlena Moffatt, was a female singer. She was singing for a telethon in the springtime called "Timmy's Springtime Telethon". The youngest of the brothers, Dave Moffatt, had picked up the microphone and started singing the song she was singing, "Somewhere Out There" from the 1986 film "An American Tail". Their father, Frank Moffatt, was walking by as Dave was singing the song and heard him singing the song. He thought the child's voice was amazing, just like the mouse, and secretly asked the producer of the telethon of young Dave could sing. The producer said yes, and before he knew it, Dave Moffatt was a singer. At least 2 days later, they had found out that Dave's twin brothers, Clint and Bob Moffatt, had learned the words to the song, and the two were singing it everywhere. Dave's older brother, Scott Moffatt, had learned the words too, and did the same. The producer was once watching while Clint, Bob, and Scott sang the song, and asked Frank to talk to him one day. When Frank came, the producer asked him if it would be OK if Clint, Bob, and Scott, sang with him, Darlena and Dave. Frank agreed, and the three young men were excited. Finally, the day came when Timmy's Telethon came. The Moffatt family sang the song happily and proudly, and Darlena and Frank knew that their four sons were meant to be stars.

Time went by, and quickly, the boys, then known as "The Moffatts", were on various shows such as "Nashville Now". Since 1987, they had gotten the record deal Frank and Darlena had been waiting for. In 1994, The Moffatts released their first album, "It's a Wonderful World", featuring songs such as "A Wonderful World", "Doh Wah Diddy Diddy", We're Off To The Rodeo", "That's Alright, Mama", and "Bird Dog". A year later, when The Moffatts became more known, they were being compared to other brother bands, "The Osmonds" and "The Jackson 5". They had released their second, self-titled album, got their very first hit singles, "I Think She Likes Me", "Caterpillar Crawl", and "Guns of Love". They had then made appearances on even more talk shows, "The Ralph Emery Show", "The Maury Povich Show" and "Sally".

As time passed by and they got older, things changed. In 2000, the boys were on the Disney Channel original series, "So Weird" in the episode "Destiny" as themselves. They released another album, called "Submodalities", featuring singles like "Bang Bang Boom", and "Just Another Phase". Later in life, they broke up. They broke up because Scott Moffatt didn't feel like they were getting the credit they deserved because they were being compared to boy bands.

The Moffatts do not continue to sing. Scott Moffatt is working on his job in Thailand. Bob and Clint had created their own groups, "Same Same" and "Two-Bullet Parade". They do not do those groups anymore. Bob and Clint are now living in their own houses in Nashville Tennesse. Dave Moffatt, who wanted to stick together when they were younger, is still living in their birthplace, Canada.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to The Moffatts. When I discovered you 1 year ago, I fell in love with you. Or should I say, I loved Dave, Bob and Scott, but I loved Clint the most. I still do. Clint, you are forever in my heart. So are you, Dave, Bob and Scott. Love you, Moffatts! And I love the fans for supporting them! MOFFATTS FOREVER!


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