Artist: The Residents

Label: Ralph

Produced By: The Residents


  1. Voices Of The Air
  2. The Secret Seed
  3. Narration
  4. The Ultimate Disaster
  5. Narration
  6. God Of Darkness
  7. Narration
  8. Migration
  9. Narration
  10. Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)
  11. Narration
  12. Another Land
  13. Narration
  14. The New Machine
  15. Narration
  16. Call Of The WIld
  17. Final Confrontation
  18. Narration
  19. Satisfaction
  20. Happy Home


This was the first tour the Residents ever did, and they lost loads of money and half their management team left over it. This was a stage show illustrating the first part of the Mole Trilogy Story, with Penn Jillette narrating (and interacting with the story and the performers). The sound quality on this CD is not so hot, but it's a pretty good introduction to the Moles (Penn's narration definitely helps people understand the story).

There was a VHS tape of this put out, too, but it was awful. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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