The Monster Show

The Monster Show is a 2005 album by Lordi. The Monster Show is a Hybrid album of Get Heavy and The Monsterican Dream for marketing in UK, including a DVD with three of their videos. It was released under Mayan Records which is an imprint of Sanctuary Records.

Track listing Edit


  1. "Threatrical Trailer"
  2. "Bring It On (The Raging Hounds Return)"
  3. "Blood Red Sandman"
  4. "My Heaven Is Your Hell"
  5. "Would You Love a Monsterman?"
  6. "Devil is a Loser"
  7. "Icon of Dominance"
  8. "The Children of the Night"
  9. "Shotgun Divorce"
  10. "Forsaken Fashion Dolls"
  11. "Wake the Snake"
  12. "Rock the Hell Outta You"


  1. "Blood Red Sandman"
  2. "Devil is a Loser"
  3. "Would you love a Monsterman"´

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