The Muppets are a creation of Jim Henson. The term is derived from the English words marionette and puppets. Both terms mean approximately the same: for example, a pop that is moved by strings, a hand or something like that.


The dolls were initially conceived and created by Jim Henson himself, but were complemented by the doll maker Don Sahlin. With these dolls were undertaken several projects there Sam and Friends (1955-1961), Sesame Street (1969-present), Fraggle Rock (1983-1987), Muppet Babies (1984-1991), The Jim Henson Hour (1989), The Secret Life of Toys (1994-1996) and Muppets Tonight (1996-1998).

However, the Muppets are known primarily from The Muppet Show (1976-1981). In this comic TV series have their own Theatre in which the Muppets themselves occur and in addition have a guest appearance in each episode of one or more celebrities. The show is presented by Kermit the Frog and criticized by the oldies Statler and Waldorf.

Different dollsEdit

There is great difference between the dolls

  • Muppets are abstract dolls that among other things occur in:

The Muppet ShowSesame Street and Gorg .

The Muppet ShowEdit

The Muppet Show was broadcast in 106 countries and five different languages. Henson got the series in the United States initially not sold. Eventually, the series was produced in England, by a verbal agreement with the media mogul Lord Grade, who wanted to broadcast the series on its commercial channel. Still exists the misconception that The Muppet Show an American product, especially as Sesame Street is produced in the United States. Some 235 million people worldwide watched each week to the show. Netherlands and Belgium In this series also regularly broadcast.

A sequel was made In 1996 on The Muppet Show, namely Muppets Tonight. In this television series played next to some old characters also new dolls with it. One remained faithful to the concept of one or more guests, though it was in the context of a television studio.

The Muppets (a few after, for example those in prevent Sesame Street ) Since april 2004 are owned by The Walt Disney Company, which she has taken over from The Jim Henson Company .Disney has special the Muppets Holding Company (since 2006 The Muppets Studio) was established to carry out the management.

List of MuppetfigurenEdit


See the list of Muppets for a more detailed overview

Original puppeteersEdit



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