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Artist: Talking Heads

Date Released: 1982 / 2004

Label: Sire / Rhino

Produced By: Talking Heads


Original Tracklisting

  1. New Feeling
  2. A Clean Break
  3. Don't Worry About The Government
  4. Pulled Up
  5. Psycho Killer
  6. Artists Only
  7. Stay Hungry
  8. Air
  9. Love -> Building On Fire
  10. Memories Can't Wait
  11. I Zimbra
  12. Drugs
  13. Houses In Motion
  14. Life During Wartime
  15. The Great Curve
  16. Crosseyed And Painless
  17. Take Me To The River

Expanded Edition:

  1. New Feeling
  2. A Clean Break
  3. Don't Worry About The Government
  4. Pulled Up
  5. Psycho Killer
  6. Who Is It
  7. The Book I Read
  8. The Big Country
  9. I'm Not In Love
  10. The Girls Want To Be With The Girls
  11. Electricity (Drugs)
  12. Found A Job
  13. Mind
  14. Artists Only
  15. Stay Hungry
  16. Air
  17. Love -> Building On Fire
  18. Memories Can't Wait
  19. Heaven
  20. Psycho Killer
  21. Warning Sign
  22. Stay Hungry
  23. Cities
  24. I Zimbra
  25. Drugs (Electricity)
  26. Once In A Lifetime
  27. Animals
  28. Houses In Motion
  29. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
  30. Crosseyed And Painless
  31. Life During Wartime
  32. Take Me To The River
  33. The Great Curve


I've been waiting forever for this album to be released. It finally was this year—and the wait was worth it; it wasn't put out by Sire/Warner Brothers like the other CDs. This time, it was a Rhino release, and like Rhino often does, they went the extra mile. Lots of bonus tracks, good sound, good music. I almost figure I don't really need to mention this, because I figure anyone who'd pick it up probably has it already. But if anyone's on the fence, PICK IT UP for REALS. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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