The Names is a Belgian new wave band from Brussels, that existed from 1977 to 1982 and from their ashes was resurrected in 2007.

The band was in 1977 by Michel Sordinia, who played the bass guitar and the songs wrote, founded and initially baptized The Passengers . Marc de Guzman played on guitar and Christophe Den Tandt, the drums.Only a year later would switch to the synthesizer and piano de John. For their first single, Spectators of Life, they chose the name in 1979, The Names: they wanted to actually avoid the confusion with a then British band that also The Passengers was called (the name change proved to be useless, as those British Passengers remained relatively unknown).

In 1980 they came in contact with producer Martin Hannett, after they had established contacts with the label Factory Records on a Brussels concert of Joy Division. In August of that year they recorded the single in Manchester Nightshift on. However, a concert they had missed, making New Order in the place was occurred. They converted the toeschietelijke producer in 1981 is still the single most famous Calcutta could include, perhaps their number, and in 1982 the album Swimming and the single The Astronaut.

A huge success at the general public are The Names never has been, and this is probably bad timing: during the height of the so-called cold wave, in 1980 and 1981, the Group was still at the entrance, and once she had released an album, this style was already on his return. In addition, they performed mainly in the Benelux and France , while they are stylistic rather pointed at the British music. Apart from Calcutta has their music — at least commercially — never been a greater response.

The Names brought dark, melodic wave rock, with both guitars and synthesizers, and carefully finished song structures. It's a genre that influences of Joy Division and Comsat Angels exhibits, and in which a gothic-component is located. The trio came together again in 1995 under the name Jazz, and released the album Nightvision from. In 2007 they came back together for a occur during Factory Night. In april 2009 they released a new album with the title Monsters Next Door under the label Str8line.



  • 1979 the audience as of Life
  • 1980 Nightshift
  • 1981 Calcutta
  • 1982 The Astronaut


  • 1982 Swimming
  • 2009 Monsters Next Door

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