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The New Classics are a Japanese hip hop / R&B band from Tokyo consisting of three band members. The trio were banded in 2007 and 2008 they debuted with a mini album.


Mini albumEdit

  • BIRTH (15 October 2008)


  • 冬桜 (Fuyusakura) (14 January 2009)
  • KANSHA feat. WISE, May J. (17 June 2009)
  • 「愛してる」 が言えなくて (`Itoshi teru' ga ienakute) (19 May 2010)


  • STORY (15 July 2009)
  1. KANSHA feat. WISE, May J.
  2. Dreamland feat. YA-KYIM
  3. 手紙 (Tegami)
  4. I Loved You
  5. ~ Interlude ~
  6. Someday Somewhere Someone
  7. 冬桜 (Fuyusakura)
  8. The Story of My Life
  9. 夜虹 (Yoru niji)
  10. ~ Interlude2 ~
  11. One of a Kind
  12. TGIF feat. Ai (from RSP)
  13. 最後の夏休み (Saigo no natsuyasumi)
  14. 渇かないナミダ (Kawakanai namida)ja:The New Classics

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