The New Vaudeville Band was a British studio group, formed in 1966 by Geoff Stevens to the single written by him include Winchester Cathedral . The song was a big hit and ended up among other things in the United States and Great Britain on the first place. Stevens was also the producer of the plate.

The studio group consisted of several session musicians. The singer was probably John Carter of Ivy League [1], although there also been claimed that it was the singer John Smith [2or Geoff Stevens itself[3]. There is hard to make out who the real singer was because the vocals through a megaphone was recorded.

The single is about the Winchester Cathedral. The music has the feel of dance bands from the 1920s and thirty. On 28 november 1966 in the United States The New Vaudeville Band received a gold record for the song.

By the great success of the single the band finally decided to set up Stevens. The consisted of drummer Henry Watford, guitarist Mick Wisher, trombonist Hugh Watt, bassist Neil Korner, "Shuggy" pianist Stan Heywood, singer and saxophonist Alan Small Bob ' Pops ' Kerr who came by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, which at the time made the same kind of music. The group went touring and Stevens stayed home the songs for the group writing. In 1967 came the lp "Finchley Central" , with the single "Peek-A-Boo" which in February of that year the British top 40.

After two years would reduce the success of the group. Bob Kerr then formed his own group, Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band .


[hide]*1 discography



  • 1966-Winchester Cathedral/Wait For Me Baby -7 "single-FONTANA TF 741 GB
  • 1967-Winchester Cathedral ~ Wait For Me Baby/I Can't Go Wrong ~ Diana Goodbye -7 "EP-FONTANA-465 342 ME FR
  • 1967-Peek-A-Boo/Amy -7 "single-FONTANA TF 784 GB
  • 1967-Peek-A-Boo ~ Amy/Whatever Happened To Phyllis Puke ~ Tape Your Feet (And Go-Bo-De-Do-Do) -7 "EP-FONTANA-465 362 ME FR
  • 1967-Finchley Central/Rosie -7 "single-FONTANA TF 824 GB
  • 1967-Finchley Central/Sadie Moonshine -7 "single-FONTANA-267 721 TF the
  • 1967-Finchley Central ~ Sadie Moonshine/there's A Kind Of Hush ~ Whispering -7 "EP-FONTANA-465 381 ME FR
  • 1967-Green Street Green/14 Loving Women -7 "single-FONTANA TF 853 GB
  • 1967-Thouroughly enjoyed Modern Millee -7 "EP-FONTANA-17497 to GB
  • 1967-there's A Kind Of Hush ~ Oh Dona Clara/Your Love Ain't What It Used To Be ~ Winchester Cathedral -7 "EP-RTB-53251 F YU
  • 1968-The Bonnie And Clyde/Uncle Gabriel -7 "single-FONTANA TF 909 GB
  • 1973-Dear Rita Hayworth/There Was A Time -7 "single-DECCA-F 13 370 GB
  • 1984-Winchester Cathedral ~ Diana Goodbye ~ Finchley Central/Peek-A-Boo ~ I Can't Go Wrong ~ Green Street Green -7 "EP-SCOOP 33-7SR 5044 GB

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