The Night Runners are an American pop band based in Miami, comprising Richard Mason and Laz.

The X Factor U.S. Season 1Edit

The Night Runners auditioned for Simon Cowell's reality singing show in May 2011 under the name Illusion Confusion [1] with an original cover medley of Drake's "Find Your Love" & Alicia Keys "Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)" which was arranged & produced by Richard Mason.[2] They finished eighth in the group category for the first series of the American televised singing competition The X Factor USA.[3] During the group's time on the show, they were mentored by Pharrell Williams, Paula Abdul, Savan Kotecha (vocal coach), Claude Kelly (vocal coach) and Brian Friedman (choreographer).[4]

File:Single Music Video - Lily.jpg


During the group's hiatus from reality television, The Night Runners began recording a 4-song EP but it was their debut promotional release, "Single" that generated a quick online interest. A music video, directed by Michael Tang[5] [6]for "Single" was released on June 2013 which featured NEXT Model Lilly Sanders.[7] From 2013 through 2014, The Night Runners focused on public appearances by performing twice for the 2012 & 2013 NBA Championship team the Miami Heat;[8] as well as having a feature story on FOX Deco Drive, WBM,[9] Dance Music Buzz [10] and a sit down interview with CNN.[11]

The Night Runners EP and presentEdit

The Night Runners debut self-titled EP is scheduled for release March 2015 featuring their song "Single".[12] Their song "Single" was also featured on MTV's Artists.[13]


Extended plays Edit

  • The Night Runners EP (2015)

Songs Edit


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