The No Fun EP
EP by Local H
Released May 27, 2003
Recorded  ???
Genre Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge
Label Thick
Producer Andy Gerber, Local H
Local H chronology
Here Comes The Zoo
The No Fun EP
Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles?
The No Fun EP, also known as No Fun to some people, is an Extended play by Illinois rock duo Local H. It was released on May 27, 2003 on thick records. The EP has six tracks, three are original songs and two are covers. The sixth track, "Fuck Yeah, That Wide", is considered as a cover due to the lyrics being inspired by "Kill All Hippies" by Primal Scream. The track "Birth, School, Work, and Death" was previously released on the split 7" single with The Blank Theory. A fan-made video for "Cooler Heads" was made and is viewable on YouTube.


In an interview with the people behind The H Corner, a fan-site for Local H, Scott mentioned that the EP was origonally going to be an import release. It was only going to be avaible in Australia and Japan, but Thick records changed it to that America could gotten it, also. In an interview with Jim Dero, Scott also mentioned about why they left Palm Pictures, the label that produced Here Comes The Zoo, and why Local H started to release all there albums on different labels. In the interview, he mentioned that he wanted to not be inactive and not have the labels to "change" the album in any way possible.

Track ListingEdit

  1. No Fun
  2. President Forever
  3. Birth, Work, School, and Death (The Godfathers cover)
  4. Cooler Heads
  5. I Just Want Something To Do (The Ramones cover)
  6. Fuck Yeah, That Wide (Primal Scream "cover")


  • "Fuck Yeah, That Wide" was named after a sketch from the comedy show, Mr. Show.
  • Many fans have speculated that "President Forever" was written about George Bush, however, the song itself was made back in the late 90's, before Bush was elected president.


Local H are-

  • Scott Lucas - Guitar, Vocals
  • Brain St. Clair - Drums

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