The Pleasure Elite Metal / Industrial / Punk

"Put the square block in the round hole therapy"

Seattle, Washington United States

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The Pleasure Elite: General Info Member Since 1/30/2006 Band Website Band Members Rev. V Blast----Vocals Luvleggs----- Guitar, Programing Father Shark---Guitar, Bass Dj Biscuit-----Turn Tables and Samples Mrs. Blast----Vocals

Other Members included: Neon Leon The Deacon of Bones - Keyboards 1991-1995 The Troll (aka Dick Whiskey) Drums - 1992-1993 Troll II - Drums 1993 Zipperhead - Drums 1994 Razor Monkey - 1995-1996 Noodles The Madman - 1999 Influences Bad Presidents and corrupt politicians with their hands to far in the cookie jar, porn the more fucked up the better, alt culture, freedom fighters, snuff films, serial killers, prison sex, and that fuckhead that stole from us (we haven't forgotten) Sounds Like The Pleasure Elite - We sound like like us, we were never an Industrial band, we were a band that loved it's toys and women. Type of Label Indie

The Pleasure Elite bumped and ground their way across the US and Europe for over a decade and except for maybe a need for rain slickers, they really didn't have much in common with any band from Seattle.

TPE employed a ton of influences and stylistic variations from metal, punk, industrial, hip-hop, and country. Before any character with the initials M.M. and long before Limp Bizkit entered the entertainment consciousness, TPE incorporated more than a handful of seedy elements into their industrial-metallized musical base. The Pleasure Elite, a collective of S&M junkies, offered listeners a much more adult version of shock rock.

The band featured an abundance of rhythmic riffing, fairly straightforward song pacing and the slightly disturbed vocals of The Rev V. Blast. The lyrics often took on very twisted subjects (particularly the bouncy, hoppy "Twist on This", which is a little ditty about a social predator freshly released from a mental institution) as well as a touch of a social conscience ("Media Feed, In The Belly"). The band also knew how to place good hooks in the songs to keep them catchy.

TPE released 3 Full length CD's (Bad Juju - 2 versions), Brutal Tutu (Recorded Live at RKCNDY), Hog Tied and an EP (Pacifier). They were on numerous compilations and put out 2 7" singles (Scapegoat b/w All American Kisses and Guilty b/w Blackmeat).

TPE is currently working on a new CD titled "Arise Awake Destroy". The CD brings the band back to their days playing speedmetal and punk rock in the early 80's a time both the Rev and Luvleggs cut their teeth, a time when Metal and Punk melded together in numerous variations. This CD is a trip down that path, a time when punk was mixed with Metal, when solos were played over punk riffs. Arise Awake Destroy is an homage to our youth and the bands that influenced us, bands like Metallica, Slayer, Voi Vod, Discharge, GBH, and the Clash...

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