Founded: 1982

Headquarters: King's Cross, London, UK

Website Link(s): Official Site




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After Shane MacGowan's punk band, The Nips (a/k/a The Nipple Erectors) broke up, he and some of the other members formed the Pogues, a band that combined punk, rock and pop with traditional celtic and folk music. They got a good sized and devoted following, and one of their albums was produced by Elvis Costello, who ended up marrying their bassist, who left the band. Their biggest hit was probably "Fairytale Of New York" recorded with Kirsty MacColl. In 1993, Shane MacGowan was fired from the band for his drinking and drug use (which seems like firing a bird for flying), and he left to form Shane MacGowan And The Popes, which continued in the similar vein. The Pogues stayed together, with Joe Strummer taking over for live vocal duties, and Spider Stacy singing more on the records. They broke up in 1996, though they've reformed with Cait O'Riordan and Shane MacGowan recently. There're rumors of a new album as well.





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