Label: Rough Trade

Produced By: Various

Tracklisting: CD 1

  1. The Modern Lovers - Pablo Picasso (chosen by Paul Smith)
  2. Swell Maps - Read About Seymour (chosen by Laurence Bell)
  3. Kleenex - Hedi's Head (chosen by Mark Moore)
  4. The Rezillos - I Can't Stand My Baby (chosen by Seymour Stein)
  5. Adam And The Ants - Zerox (chosen by Youth)
  6. Holger Czukay - Persian Love (chosen by Don Letts)
  7. The Mekons - Kill (chosen by Ana Da Silva)
  8. The Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You (chosen by Derek Pringle)
  9. Boyd Rice - Track 1, Side 1 (chosen by Daniel Miller)
  10. The Blue Orchids - Work (chosen by Stewart Lee)
  11. Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock (chosen by Geoff Travis)
  12. Mighty Mighty - Night After Night (chosen by Tarquin Gotch)
  13. Bongwater - His Old Look (chosen by Jon Savage)
  14. Lard - The Power Of Lard (chosen by Erol Alkan)
  15. Pixies - Here Comes Your Man (chosen by Luella Bartley)

CD 2

  1. Joe Strummer - Island Hopping (chosen by Luce Mellor)
  2. Skinned Teen - Pillow Case Kisser (chosen by Thurston Moore)
  3. Bikini Kill - Capri Pants (chosen by Gary Walker)
  4. Stock, Hausen and Walkman - Belly Up (chosen by Jarvis Cocker)
  5. Stereolab & Nurse With Wound - Simple Headphone Mind (chosen by Michel Gaubert)
  6. Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight - 'At First She Starts' (chosen by Peter Christopherson)
  7. Karen Dalton - In The Evening (It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best) (chosen by Jeff Barrett)
  8. Mulatu Astatke - Yakermo Sew (chosen by David Adjaye)
  9. Matmos - Stupid Fambaloo (chosen by Björk)
  10. The Frogs - Sailors Board Me Now (chosen by Savage Pencil)
  11. Schneider TM vs Kpt. Michigan - The Light 3000 (chosen by James Murphy)
  12. The Carter Family - No Depression In Heaven (chosen by Bobby Gillespie)
  13. James Luther Dickinson - O How She Dances (chosen by Sean Rowley)
  14. Björk - Where Is The Line (chosen by Richard Russell)
  15. LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge (chosen by Spazom)

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