Artist: The Bellrays

Date Released: 2004

Label: Alternative Tentacles/Vital Gesture

Produced By:


  1. Remember
  2. Street Corner
  3. Sister Disaster
  4. Fanfare
  5. You're Sorry Now
  6. Mele Ipu Ekahi
  7. Revolution Get Down
  8. Used to Be
  9. Find Someone to Believe In
  10. You're Sorry Now (Slight Return)
  11. Making Up for Lost Time
  12. Some Confusion City
  13. Poison Arrow
  14. Black is the Color
  15. D-Am
  16. Stone Rain
  17. Noise Epic
  18. Rude Awakening
  19. Voodoo Train
  20. Startime
  21. Mele Ipu Elua


During my research for this album all I can find are rants and raves about how The Bellrays music is “maximum rock & soul” and how what an amazing marriage of punk, soul and R&B, but for some reason I am just not feeling it. Lead singer, Lisa Kekaula, has an electrically soulful voice that is definitely the main attraction of the band, “Picture Tina Turner fronting a garage band.” And her backing band does a wonderful MC5 impression, but after 45 minutes and 21 tracks, I am just having trouble really getting into it, not to mention tired. Maybe it’s the endless political ranting or the fact that it really sounds like a band that you would see playing at a bar in the back of some Hollywood movie. It also could be the frustration of finding something new in a genre that has already been perfected and today’s outing is just regurgitations of yesteryear. Either way, there are definitely worse bands out there, but the album is going to be stuck in mediocrity, but hell at least it’s danceable. Mpardaiolo

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