The Remarkable Ray Stevens: 20 Incredible Hits
Compilation album by Ray Stevens
Released 1977
Genre Country

20 original recordings by an American country music and pop singer-songwriter known for his novelty songs and also for some more serious works.


  1. The Streak
  2. Deep Purple
  3. Isn't It Lonely Together
  4. Gitarzan
  5. Indian Love Call
  6. Nashville
  7. Harry The Hairy Ape
  8. Moonlight Special
  9. Young Love
  10. Bridget The Midget
  11. Misty
  12. Ahab The Arab
  13. Have A Little Talk With Myself
  14. Lady Of Spain
  15. Turn Your Radio On
  16. Mr. Businessman
  17. Along Came Jones
  18. All My Trials
  19. Freddie Feelgood And His Five Piece Band
  20. Everything Is Beautiful

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