The Rise of the Serpent Men
The Rise of the Serpent Men
Studio album by Axegrinder
Released January 1989
Recorded May-August 1988 at Lion, Leeds
Genre Crust punk, thrash metal
Length 36:41
Label Peaceville
Producer Paul "Hammy" Halmshaw, Axegrinder

The Rise of the Serpent Men is the only studio album by British crust punk/thrash metal band Axegrinder which was released on January 1989 through Peaceville Records.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Never Ending Winter"   2:31
2. "Hellstorm"   5:41
3. "Life Chain"   4:22
4. "War Machine"   6:07
5. "Evilution"   5:37
6. "Rise of the Serpent Men"   6:41
7. "The Final War"   5:42
Total length:


  • Trev - Vocals
  • Matt - Bass
  • Darryn - Drums
  • Steve - Guitars
  • Diane - Vocals (track 6)
  • Noel Summerville - Mastering
  • Jeff Carcass - Cover art
  • Paul "Hammy" Halmshaw - Producer

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