Artist: Matmos

Date Released: May 9, 2006

Label: Matador

Produced By:


  1. Roses And Teeth For Ludwig Wittgenstein
  2. Steam And Sequins For Larry Levan
  3. Tract For Valerie Solanas
  4. Public Sex For Boyd McDonald
  5. Semen Song For James Bidgood
  6. Snails And Lasers For Patricia Highsmith
  7. Germs Burn For Darby Crash
  8. Solo Buttons For Joe Meek
  9. Rag For William S Burroughs
  10. Banquet For King Ludwig II Of Bavaria


San Francisco’s Matmos, producer duo Drew Daniel and Martin C. Schmidt, have never been for the casual listener. Their concept-based albums feature microscopically fragmented samples of basically anything that makes a sound and cleverly programmed into complex freewheeling compositions usually siding on more minimal structures. Their latest outing pays homage to iconic gay and lesbian figures including writers, philosophers, filmmakers and musicians fusing music, art, history and politics into one overarching concept. Each song stands alone sonically, but fits snuggly into the mold of the album usually creating a musical mosaic of sorts. Samples range from typical musical instruments to recorded animal sounds that include mooing cows, honking geese, a somehow captured bovine reproductive tract, and beaver, shark and goat teeth used as percussion to ambient, environmental sounds. A slew of guest artists contribute as well including Bjork, Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons), Kronos Quartet, Laetitia Sonami, Kalonica McQuesten, Maja Ratke and more. This album certainly finds Matmos in a more accessible format (at least for Matmos), and hopefully will do a great deal in brining more attention to the duo and the important figures that inspired the album. Mpardaiolo

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