The Route
by Wordburglar
Album Burglaritis
Released August 1st, 2006
Genre Nerdcore
Label Hand'Solo Records
Producer Ghettosocks
Burglaritis chronology
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Song DetailsEdit

Artist: Wordburglar

Album: Burglaritis

Date Released: August 1, 2006

Label: Hand'Solo Records

Produced By: Ghettosocks


I remember when I got the call
You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk
Block by block, pound the pavement day by day
Get up real early on Saturday
There's no phatter way to make some cash
Wore that bag like a badge
Bruises on my shoulder, newsprint on my fingers
The pain lingers
Wash it down with strawberry milk
The kids say he's very ill
And crazy lady's crazy on the daily
But I won't let the fear derail me
Feet don't fail me
The elevator's out of service
Younger kids got nervous
but I had a purpose for all the strangers
Deliver their papers despite the dangers (despite the dangers, despite the dangers)
I was risking my life to bring you the news
Risking my life to bring you the news
Risking my life to bring you the news
Risking my life to bring you the news
Most of the hallways were dirty-looking
And you could always smell what apartment thirty was cooking
No lie, the route was hard
But it was worth it when you got those Christmas cards
Average pay period made about two bills
When you're a kid, that feels like two mill
I spent the cash on comics, ball caps and tapes, records, video games
Make no mistake I never smoked no cigarettes
How the heck do you think I could afford those action figure sets?
Not to mention the staircases had to climb
Walkman pumping raps to my mind
Phat mix tapes would get me through
The rainy days from slush to dew
Never knew who would be around the next bend
Drunks in the stairwell at 7am
And I'll never forget the time
The police questioned me about a crime
Committed by the guy in number five
It sucks
He still owed me twenty bucks
Brave it up to the 5th floor
Apartment fifty-four
Take a breath, knock on the door
Dogs barking, cats scratching
When you're cash-asking
Had to build up a fat skin
Collection time always brought excuses
"Uh, can you come back next Tues-es-day?"
I heard him say he didn't want to pay for the paper
Through the vapors
I saw them burn the hash
Me thirteen, only trying to earn some cash
Had to dash through the whole complex
The day they were worried about bomb threats
And that hot summer, middle of July
When the tenant in 202 died
Nobody found the body for a week
Let's just say the smell was unique
Didn't know 'til I saw the coroner van on the street
And the tag on their feet (and the tag on their feet)

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