Artist: The Sacred Truths

Date Released: 2005

Label: Self-Released

Produced By: The Sacred Truths


  1. Sasquatch Attack
  2. Another Roadside Attraction
  3. The Looming Tocks Of Nooming Doom
  4. Go To Lubbock
  5. Trip To The Moon
  6. Unlikely Doughnut Picnic


This is another local band, and they just put out an EP. I saw them live, and was blown away—I didn't know what to expect, and was fearing a "Look How Wacky We Are!" type band; luckily, I was wrong. They've got a sense of humor (I mean, they've got a song on here called "Unlikely Doughnut Picnic"), but it's not really "Wacky", which is always good because people who think they're "wacky" very rarely are, but it's also really musically good—and even rarer for a self-produced, self-released EP—it's actually RECORDED WELL. Hell, even if the EP sucked, it might be worth it for that alone for the rarity of such a beast! Check out their website here and order this EP through CD Baby! - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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