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The Sessions Club (originally known as The Saturday Sessions) is an underground music venue, started, and run by Mike Hayden (Drums) and Cormac Strain (Bass), members of the rock group, 79Cortinaz.

Both Mike and Cormac know all too well how costly it is to try and tour Ireland.

They know if more venues offered the facilities of The Sessions Club, then independent Irish bands would be able to play more throughout the country.

"The Saturday Sessions are a bit like open source software - if you want to run something of the same nature in your area, just contact us and we'll help you get it set up" (Quote from Mike Hayden & Cormac Strain)

The Sessions Club takes place in Underground, Music Factory, Carlow. It's the bar in the basement, just at the entrance to the Mrs Browns part of the Music Factory.

The Sessions Club tries to bring the best underground/unsigned bands in Ireland to Carlow every single week of the year. What makes them different from the norm is that they pay both main and support bands for playing their own music.

Current ScheduleEdit

Every Saturday Night (with support bands)

  • 10:15 pm (Support Band) - 12.30 am (Main Band)

Current Promo PosterEdit

The Saturday Sessions - Promo Poster - 2007 - June 16th

Official LinksEdit

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