Artist: Porcupine Tree

Date Released: February, 1995

Label: Delerium

Produced By: Steven Wilson


European releaseEdit

  1. The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One) – 18:37
  2. Dislocated Day – 5:24
  3. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder – 5:40
  4. Preprare Yourself – 1:58
  5. Moonloop – 17:04
  6. The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase Two) – 16:46

US versionEdit

"The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One)"
1. "The Colour of Air"
2. "I Find That I'm Not There"
3. "Wire the Drum"
4. "Spiral Circus"
5. "Stars Die"
6. "Moonloop"
7. "Dislocated Day"
8. "The Moon Touches Your Shoulder"
"The Sky Moves Sideways Phase Two"
9. "Is... Not"
10."Off the Map"

Expanded editionEdit

Disc 1:

  1. "The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One)" – 18:39
  2. "Dislocated Day" – 5:24
  3. "The Moon Touches Your Shoulder" – 5:40
  4. "Prepare Yourself" – 1:58
  5. "The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase Two)" – 16:48

Disc 2:

  1. "The Sky Moves Sideways (Alternate Version)" – 34:42
  2. "Stars Die" – 5:01
  3. "Moonloop (Improvisation)" – 16:18
  4. "Moonloop (Coda)" – 4:52

The Sky Moves Sideways" is the most Floydian influenced piece of work that I have heard from a band(other than Floyd that is...)and I mean that in a positive way. While the album has some very strong tracks it also tends to be a little short on musical ideas and instead takes several main themes and draws them out into longer space jams which border at times on being ambient music. The title track( I prefer the longer version on the bonus disk) with it's trance like snare drum used very effectively, is a wonderful song full of ambience and feelings of disorientation and alienation. Of course there are three editions of the title track totalling almost seventy minutes when added up. With "Moonloop" which I feel is the weakest of the tracks at a little over 17 minutes, it really excels with the "coda" which is the next four minutes of the song and the last four minutes of the song, which is a shame because it is the most interesting part. That leaves three other proper tunes on the album and of those both" Dislocated Day" and "Stars Die" are excellent. In fact "Stars Die" in my opinion is a classic Porcupine Tree tune. Overall two stellar tracks on this one and if you are going to buy this make sure you get the new release with the two discs. Nicely pacakaged.

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